Achieving your family and business goals with expert financial, tax, and accounting services.

Serving Families, Individuals, and Businesses


Tax Planning and Filing

Includes special issues resulting from COVID-19. Year-round tax services focusing on creativity, communication, and problem-solving to save you money and avoid surprises. Plan for opportunities, tax savings, and peace of mind.  


Controller and Bookkeeping services to provide timely data and reports and advice to help manage your business and family. Get the right data you need to run your business, take advantage of opportunities, facilitate planning and save time.




Work with experienced business owners to solve problems, plan ahead, maximize cash flow, get financing, mitigate risks, and much more. Plan for growth and confidence in your business.

A CFO approach to personal and business finances.

There is so much more to finances and taxes than “See you next April.” Most people view their taxes as unpleasant and only think about them and their finances once a year. This normally leaves money on the table and misses what can be substantial planning and savings opportunities.

We do not believe that taxes should be done in a silo, so we take a CFO approach to help you achieve your goals. We determine financial strengths and weaknesses, propose corrective actions, offer strategic guidance for the next steps, help with tax preparation and filing, and much more.

Fern Hill CPA is a specialty firm dedicated to providing individuals, families, and businesses consistent guidance and strategic financial recommendations.

Find peace of mind, personal financial freedom, and success in your business with Fern Hill CPA.


Who We Serve

Individuals and families

Helping families and individuals is the core of our mission. Let your money work for you and live the life you want.

business owners

Your business and personal family destinies are tied together. We know how to help you grow, reduce risk, and plan for success. 


Grow your idea from a startup into a sustainable business, scale it efficiently, manage cash, and avoid pitfalls. 

start ups

Apply the CFO approach to your startup to get started efficiently and quickly, saving time and money. 

What to expect


Let's Chat

Get to know each other and learn about your goals and situation. 


Make a Plan

Agree on the scope of work and ensure we are a good fit for each other. 


Execute the plan together to achieve your goals with confidence and peace of mind. 

David James, CPA


David is a CPA, Senior CFO Executive, Consultant & proven leader with demonstrated success at all levels, ranging from Big 4 public accounting, leading successful startup private and nonprofit entrepreneurial ventures, CFO & Corporate Controller positions, CFO consulting, business and individual tax expert and speaker.

He grew up in northeast Indiana and moved to Granville, OH in 1995 with his family. He graduated summa cum laude from Huntington University with degrees in Accounting, Business Management, and Computer Science. He has been a CPA since 1987. Connect on LinkedIn.